Hi Life Organic Period Pad

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Hi Life Organic Period Pad 30pc

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Hi Life Organic Period Pad

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Hi Life Sanitary Napkins are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton sourced from Texas. These perfectly soft, exceptionally-absorbing sanitary pads thoughtfully designed to support you during your period days and nights, for all kinds of flow: heavy, medium, or low. No rash, no leakage, no stain, cruise through the period without undue strain. 

Made of 100% Organic Cotton from Texas.

Japanese Super Absorbent Particles and magic holes for super-fast, up to 400% absorption.

Honeycomb structure on the sides to prevent any leakage.

Double Air-laid technology to prevent any backflow for leakage free days.

Comfort of super soft cotton with no fear of rashes, irritation and itching.

Perforated layer that allows easy circulation of air, thus preventing moisture and related bacteria.

Each pad comes with a disposal pouch which is easy to carry.

Instant absorption that leaves you feeling dry for long.

No chemicals, no toxins, promises a 100% rash free experience.