Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray

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Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray 60ml


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Origin: India

Imported, Packaged & Marketed by: Hi Life Products Pvt Ltd, E-105, 2nd Floor, Shanti Kunj Main, Ram Mandir Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Shelf life: 3 Years

For Any Queries: customerservice@modernbazaar.co.in

Item Details

India’s first Intimate Hygiene Spray that is aqua-based and is 100% alcohol free. It’s made from a Unique Japanese Formulation to keep your intimate area clean & infection-free. Our 100% alcohol-free feminine hygiene spray kills 99.9999% bacteria and viruses; provides an assured relief from itching, rashes, & irritation; and keeps your vagina pH balanced. Bonus: No need to wipe off after application. Leave it on and carry on! 

100% Alcohol free - The spray is aqua based and has no trace of alcohol.

The main ingredient used in the spray is Gz-08 which is a food mineral supplement.

Unlike other liquid soaps and foams available in the market, Hi Life Intimate Hygiene Spray maintains the Ph level of vagina by keeping it to 4.s

Keeps your Vagina safe from rashes, irritation, sweating and itchiness.

Applicable up to 24 hours with one spray. 

Provides protection against bacteria and germs.

Prevents foul smell during periods, before and after sex.

Easy to carry when you are travelling.

Protects you from the horror of public toilets and the related bacteria’s like S.aureus, E. Coli, Salmonela ententidis, Klebsiella pneumonia, MRSA, P aeruginosa.